SHANY All-in-One Makeup Palette with Tools and Eyes, Lips and Face Beauty Book

SHANY All-in-One Makeup Palette with Tools and Eyes, Lips and Face Beauty Book

SHANY All-in-One Makeup Palette with Tools and Eyes, Lips and Face Beauty Book

I am one of those people who is really interested in doing makeup. In my free time, I sometimes make up for my mom and my friends and they really like it. My old makeup palette is nearly out of date, so I decided to buy a new one last week. In addition, I was also looking for an affordable makeup set to use during a spa sleepover and decided to go with this Shanty set after looking at multiple makeup websites.

I was very impressed when receiving the palette because of both its quality and design. I’m glad this was my final decision because it really paid off. I really like the packaging for this. First there is a box that mimics look of the kit, then a black cardboard piece folded around the kit, then the kit has nice plastic divider inserts. The kit itself folds up easily. It’s not like some kits that are hard to figure out which sides fold in where. It has a magnetic closure that does a great job of keeping everything together.

For this price, this amount, and many colors, usually makeup sets are cheap, low-quality makeup that is barely visible and take multiple coats to be able to see it. Not this set. These colors were vivid and vibrant and they went on easily with one application. I was surprised. The mirror was very helpful, the brushes too, and the cute ‘Beauty Book’ design made it a bit more fun to use. It doesn’t look or feel like a set that is less than $20. It seems much better. The eyeliner was dried out when I got it, but several drops of water fixed that problem in a hurry. Besides, the lip color had tons of variety and has impressive stay time.


Negative Pointers of the Product

My personal experience with the Beauty Book has been excellent, and I have no complaints. I just wish it came with a mascara but it is ok, it is still perfect.


My Recommendation

I highly recommend for makeup artists as well as home kits to buy this palette. It consists of two needed points: reasonable price and good quality. I am highly satisfied with this kit. I was able to do my entire face just using this kit and some finishing spray. The colors are fantastic and they truly do wear great. I especially liked the eye shadow due to the fact they hand a subtle shift and give a silky matte finish. You won’t be disappointed!


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